I currently use two different types of camera's. On the one hand I use a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera or digital mirror reflex camera. It is a camera in which the image (made up of photons of light) travels through a shutter system and is captured on a sensor. In astrophotography, the telescope is hereby used as a giant lens to capture deepsky objects.


Canon 1300D Astrodon modified


I currently use a (astrodon) Modified-DSLR camera,  the Canon EOS 1300D 




Sensor: CMOS

Effective Megapixels: 18.1mp

Sensor format: APS-C

Processor: Digic 4+

Formats: RAW - RAW/JPEG - JPEG

Type Lens: Canon EF , Canon EF-S

Manual and Autofocus

ISO range: 100 - 6400

Shutter speeds:  30 - 1/4000

Bulb-mode: Yes

Built-in Wifi - NFC capable

Modification: Astrodon filter


More specs on:


There's a new kid in town. En hij komt uit China.


In overleg met Astromarket heb ik deze camera aangeschaft. Het is een 6.1MP camera voor het vastleggen van zaken binnen ons zonnestelsel (de maan, zon, jupiter, saturnus, ...)



On the other hand I use a very sensitive astro-cam, the ASI120MC. This is actually a modified webcam, which records images in AVI format.


This particular camera serves 2 purposes:

- Record images of the sun, moon, jupiter, mars, saturn, ...

- Guiding: This camera (mounted on the Orion Shorttube) is also used to send corrections to the Advanced VX Mount.